offers two online training courses:

1. IRDA approved Life Insurance Agent's Pre-licensing Course - 50 hours
2. Life Insurance Agent's License Renewal Course - 25 Hours

This online course is open to candidates sponsored by insurance companies. The course duration is 50 hours.The duration is as per the IRDA’s regulations in this behalf, The user ID issued to the registered candidates is valid for 50 hours over 14 days as the case may be. On successful completion of the online training, RNIS College will certify the candidate ready to appear in a written exam to be conducted on behalf of IRDA.

The 25 hours online course is open to Life Insurance Agents who want to renew their license. The course is valid for 25 hours duration over 8 days. On successful completion of the online training, RNISCollege will issue a certificate to the agent.

The content is based on IRDA-prescribed syllabus and is prepared by the faculty at RNIS College of Insurance with a domain expertise of over 4000 man-years.

The course navigation is designed to be user friendly. You just have to click at the relevant link for navigation. However, in case of any trouble you may either click the 'StartUp Help' on the first page, or FAQs on every page.Incase of any Query write to Customercare...rniscollege@yahoo.com

So enter your Login ID and Password and start learning.

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